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Your personal wine merchants

Jeremy Hill

The Chairman

El Capitano

01453 802740  |  07768 865371

Having, as he puts it, “marinated” somewhere in the wine trade since 1977 [Is that Anno Domini, Jeremy?] Jeremy’s experience of the wine trade in all its facets is truly extensive. Oddbins in its early days, management with Britain’s oldest wholesale merchant Hedges and Butler, and wine bar ownership in London, left Jeremy well-positioned to build an excellent reputation in the retail wine trade, which is exactly what he has been doing for the last decade or so.

His knack of predicting just what his customers will most enjoy drinking is uncanny, and a talent to which his loyal and extensive following bears witness. 

Andy Cole

Managing Director

The Boss!

Andy joined us back in 2015 after 15 years in event catering with William’s Kitchen @ Calcot, Andy decided to hang up his spoon & fork and trade them in for a new waiters friend!

Andy’s speciality is hosting and planning events and has steered Vinotopia into wedding and corporate market. Andy’s attention to detail and personable service to helps clients choose their wines, which he matches it to the food they are eating and ensures they don’t run out!  

Sarah Hoddy

Operations Manager

The font of all knowledge!

Sarah joined us in September 2017 and quickly took on the roles of operations and purchasing. She has spent her whole career in sales and customer service making her an ideal as Andy's deputy.

Attention to detail is Sarah's thing, she doesn't miss a beat, and she is sure to negotiate the best possible deals for Vinotopia's customers.

Vinotopia is a HUGE part of Sarah's life - she lives and breathes it and hopes that her passion and enthusiasm comes across when you meet her!

Leesa Cole

Wine Club and Events Support

Mrs Sparkle!

Leesa came to join the team in 2022 after 25 years working in Hospitality and events specifically Weddings and parties, Leesa can advise on wine and food pairing and quantities to make sure you never run out!

With Leesa’s commitment to customer care and attention to detail she is a great addition to the team and she looks after our Wine Club memberships, corporate orders and wine label enquiries.

Louise Jenkins

Logistics and Warehouse Manager

Loopy Lou

Louise joined Vinotopia Wine in 2020, and she’s been a game-changer since day one. With loads of experience running events, she knows how to get things done, and she's brought that expertise to managing our warehouse and logistics.

In her role, Louise is all about keeping our warehouse in top shape and everything running like a well-oiled machine—from when the wine arrives to when it gets shipped out.

Louise has quickly become a vital part of Vinotopia Wine. Her hard work and passion are clear in how smoothly everything runs.

In short, Louise has made a big impact since joining the team. Her experience with events has translated into excellent warehouse and logistics management, helping us deliver the best service possible to our customers.

Koletka Pukacz

Retail and Events

The one from up North

After 4 years in the Wine Industry covering all things retail, events and hospitality, Koletka is all about bringing people together over a glass (or two) of the good stuff, where every sip tells a story.

Koletka orchestrates unforgettable experiences, seamlessly blending the art of wine with the rhythm of festivities. From curating tantalizing tastings to designing enchanting soirées, her passion for hospitality knows no bounds. With a knack for making wine approachable and fun, she’s your lass.

Step into Koletka's world at Vinotopia, where every cork popped is an invitation to savour the richness of life's flavours.

Alex Trulove

Retail and On Trade

Louise joined us in 2020 to help us to support our customers and provide excellent service during an unprecedented time.

Phil Robinson

Delivery and Logistics Specialist

Man with a Van!

Phil joined us in 2018, after a career in the police. The high stakes can only be matched by working with wine merchants.

Phil is our local delivery driver, so if you're trade or based locally you'll likely meet!

Alex Willday

Retail and Logistics Assistant

Wine Whizz

Louise joined us in 2020 to help us to support our customers and provide excellent service during an unprecedented time.

Sally David

Retail Assistant

Sally Pinot!

Emma Harber PR

Press & Marketing

Lunalight Limited

Online & Design

We have worked closely with our friends at Lunalight Limited since 2015.

They help manage our website, online presence and email newsletter - as well as providing graphic design work when we need it.